VISPS Verification for Crops

The VISPS program creates a low-cost, third-party options for farmers to verify non-GMO, “Close-To Organic”, or transitional crops. By enrolling in VISPS, a producer can qualify his or her operation as a Smart Farm. Designating products with the Smart Farm brand can provide premiums from buyers that demand traceability and clear standards for value-added goods that they procure.

Third-party verification represents a hallmark of the VISPS program. Operations seeking to complete the VISPS program requirements and use the Smart Farm brand must receive verification from a third party to ensure that their production meets the necessary standards. VISPS standards to which verified products must adhere will soon undergo ISO-17065 certification. The Mid-America Organic Association (MOA) is a VISPS verifier.

How it Works

  1. Enroll online at
  2. Fill out all required paperwork and submit for verification
  3. Send us copies of all farm maps, seed tags, and invoices for current years verification
  4. We will audit your paperwork and verify your operation if all of your paperwork is verifiable
  5. Connect with VISPS buyers or brokers to sell your crop
  6. * Transitional and “Close-To Organic” producers must also undergo inspections and keep farm logs.

You will have to fill out a farm plan on an annual basis to continue receiving verification. A farm plan consists of seed plans, fertility plans, weed and pest management plans, and your requests for verification.

Download VISPS Crop Standards